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Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

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Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

With the increasing trend in use of social media, everyone wants to share their best picture or selfies with their family and friends. This is why we use photo editing application. There are thousands of photo editing apps available on Google play store that have photo editing tools such as filters, brightness, vignette and cropping, but it can be a challenge deciding the best photo editor for you.

Comparison of 9 Best Photo Editing Apps 

Here in this table, we have compared features of top 9 Photo Editing Applications for Android available on Google Play Store:

  APP Community Colarge Selective Editing Standard Editing Advanced Editing Filters
          Crop Rotate Brightness Color Contrast Stickers Curves Saturation Ambiance Highlights Shadows Warmth Text Border Mask Free Crop  
1 Snapseed N N Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y
2 PicsArt Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
3 Cymera Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N Y N N N N N N Y
4 Adobe Photoshop Express N N N Y Y Y Y Y N N Y Y Y Y Y N N N N Y
5 Pixlr N Y N Y Y Y Y Y N N N N N N N Y Y Y N Y
6 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom N N Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y Y Y Y Y N N Y N Y
7 Google Photos N N N Y Y Y Y Y N N N N N N N N N N N Y
8 PhotoDirector Photo Editor App N Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y
9 Instagram Y N N Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N Y Y Y N N N N Y


  • If the user learns the new Double Exposure tool, which is related to Masking alongwith the edit brush (the brush under View Edits -> pop-up menu on an edit) full background replacements are possible. Both these features make the tool very user friendly.
  • Snapseed smokes out Photoshop it, it erases the need for Adobe products.
  • Desktop version is required, making it more convenient.
  • Snapseed is free and provide all features which any good app has.
  • Works great as a photo fixing tool. 
  • Very easy to use and offers limited inventories to select from.
  • You cannot save or press the back button in Snapseed.
  • Ambience adjustment is very good.
  • The app lacks the 3D effect on the Text and Double Exposure.
  • Snapseed is complex and complicated.


  • Best photo editing app.
  • The app is not very friendly now since now full-size pop-up ads every other edit, watermark on every photo don’t make it very appealing.
  • The user face is very cluttered.
  • The hidden photo edit features are quite good and easy to use.
  • Very good photo editor but the sign in and sign out feature every now and then make it every annoying.
  • Quality of pictures is reduced.
  • App used to make icons on instagrams.
  • No need of creating an account for working on the app


  • The app is easy to use.
  • The best camera app to be used.
  • screen flash feature does not exist.
  • Some extra effects are required.
  • Filters are very good.
  • Stickers are pretty, though look childish.
  • Satisfactory picture quality.
  • Amazing app for all types of editors.
  • Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Express

  • The app helps in uploading 'edits', which are photoshopped pictures of movie stars.
  • When uploading the quality of pic is very poor.
  • Specifically for photos, there should be a layer mask in this app or selectively colour portions. 
  • Compared to App being offered by Apple, Google has a lot of scope for improving this app.
  •  The app is really good, but the push ads which appear very frequently make the usage of this app very annoying.
  • Easy to use, but initial usage is tough.
  • Pic will become very blurred, when uploading pictures, to photoshop express.
  • App is very good and the DSLR effect is fabulous.
  • Awesome Software here for editing photos.
  • Very good support features.
  • Get the option to brighten up the pic and make them look natural.


  • The editing facilities on pixlr are extensive and brilliant.
  • The layout is simple and easy to learn.
  • Very tough to zoom in properly and edit a high-resolution picture, as everything gets pixelate.
  • The filters work fabulously.
  • The app offers limitless variety of combinations.
  • Easy to use app, and requires very little understanding of the digital arts, to use it.
  • The quality of finished image is simply amazing.
  • Little more clarity is required to output photos after editing.
  • Using this app I’m unable to add a background to a .PNG file.
  • Cropping pics in different shapes should be added.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

  • The app only permits one photo via bluetooth connect.
  • multiple shots not possible without manually swiping off the preview. 
  • Selfie photos are all over expose. 
  • Excellent for cleaning up photos without running effects and dazzling filters.
  • Editing photos directly from the stock gallery or set the camera as the phone's default is not possible.
  •  Upon deleting one picture, the others disappear, and upon editing some of your edited pictures will disappear as well.
  • The app offers fantastic editing capabilities.
  • The app prompts setting up highly complex password.
  • The app can be used for syncing with my Lightroom on my desktop. 
  • App is used for editing and storing enhanced pictures.

Google Photos

  • The app permits creating a back-up for pics and vids for free at full resolution.
  • Feature of special searches of all images is amazing.
  • Facial recognition tech is very useful
  • Very good storage facility.
  • Not apt for sorting through larger amounts of pics.
  • The app allows you to create albums and put together similarly themed pictures and videos.
  • Easy to use app and saves on time.
  • Excellent feature for recovering storage for converting all imagery to hi resolution.
  • The app automatically creates animations, movies, albums, and even applies beautiful effects based on machine learning

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

  • The app allows user to Photoshop their travel pictures
  • Landscaped pictures can be enhanced.
  • Tools used here are of high quality.
  • Good for cropping the background.
  • No drawing tool available in the app.
  • No option available to open a new photo.
  • Extremely creative app.
  • Very good editing tool for mobile devices.
  • Pictures don’t get saved in high resolution
  • While making collage, and if you want to put your picture on, you cannot change the text.


  • Simple way of capturing moment and sharing those with friends and family.
  • Too many ads appear while viewing pictures, ruin the experience.
  • The app offers very limited editing options.
  • Functionality is unavailable.
  • Notifications come in very slowly and double.
  • The app does not remember Facebook share settings but only works for Twitter.
  • Cannot see what you are typing, which is very inconvenient
  • Problem in uploading videos and crashes on uploading videos
  • Url links work in direct messages which makes is very user friendly.
  • New filters not visible even after installing the app a couple of times.

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