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Unloading Point data used with STO's?

11 Apr 2008 9:28 pm || 1

Hello all!

Current client would like to utilize the Customer Master Unloading Point data characteristics to define calendar and receiving hour information. During processing of the delivery at the sending plants, they would like the system to reference this master data, to determine a much defined "ship date" on the Delivery.

Currently, the configuration is present and is being referenced when processing sales orders; however, it does not seem to be working when processing STO's.

Could there be an additional step that I am missing? Or does SAP only process this master data for Customer orders?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • 11 Dec 2008 10:44 am
    Dear User,

    as far as I know the unloading point will be determine in Function module SD_DEL_WAVE_GET_DUP from table KNVA, means you have to maintain the unloading point for the sold-to/ship-to partner which is assigned to the receiving plant (Table T001W).

    The main responsible function module for the shipping data is SD_TRANSFERDATA_DETERMINE.

    greetings from Obx