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Variant Configuration Report for Sales Order

Hello Experts.

In table VBAP I can see the Sales Order No and It's Item No, Material, And Material Description but I can not see Configurable material characteristic, It's class, (Sales related variant configuration data).

Can Any body tell me any table/ report in which I can see SO number, Item Number, Material, Description, Variant Configuration Class, It's characteristics or whether shall I create Query If I have to create query then what table shall I take?

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.


  • 20 Jul 2013 11:51 am rekha
    There is no standard SAP table available for your requirement. Instead you can use FM "VC_I_Get_Configuration", and pass your sales order and item number to fetch Variant char. value for that line item in sales order.
    Go to the display or change mode of sales order and at the bottom left hand corner of the Sales order, you have some icons like pricing, schedule lines, dispaly availability, item details configuration....., you select item details configuration to see the characteristic values assigned to that particular order.

    You can use transaction CUTABLEINFO to view all the characteristics values for the sales order. This transaction has all the configuration tables which are used to hold information for a sales order.