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Virus scan profiles delivered by SAP

27 Feb 2012 10:13 am || 0

SAP Virus Scan Interface (VSI)

This SAP tutorial offers advice on using your own profiles within SAP Applications based on the SAP Virus Scan Interface (VSI).

Some experts believe that it is advisable to use your own virus scan profile in your own applications. This tutorial explains how to create a virus scan profile.

Current profiles delivered:




  • webdynpro_FileUpload
  • visualcomposer
  • htmlb_FileUpload
  • kmc_Default
  • log_FileUpload

When and why should an application use a customized profile?:

Applications transport external documents and do not interpret these themselves.

Applications that use virus protection as a feature should use a customized profile. The reason for this is the independent nature of the basis settings. The virus scan is always carried out if the used profile is active, in other words, if you want to deactivate the delivered basic profiles in order to improve performance, the scan can still be used for specific applications if you assign a customized profile name to the upload module (GUI or HTTP).

Another reason for your own virus scan profiles is the configurability within the profile, that is, if an application wants to have different scenarios for the check(uploading from the Internet or intranet, for example), it may also have to deliver several profiles here that can be used to configure and control the virus protection.

Applications can perform additional checks (in addition to the antivirus check) using VSI. For more information on this, see SAP 1640285. The check may require different settings for different scenarios. You can achieve this using a separate profile.

Creating and using a separate profile does not automatically mean that the VSI must be implemented. If you use the standard upload or download functions, you can also transfer your own virus scan profile. As a result, the system performs the check using your own profile in this routine.

How do I create my own profile?


In your own application system, add your own entry in the client for Customizing the view cluster 'VSCAN_PROFILE_VC' (Transaction: SM34). Alternatively, you can also call transaction VSCANPROFILE.

The rule for the profile names is:

/<Package name>/<Function name>


Possible methods:

The configuration for the J2EE Service is located in the Configuration Adapter. You can create your own entry here in the interface for the Configuration Adapter.
The system calls the method addProfile in the service class VSIService. You can also transfer a separate profile name, explanatory text, and profile parameters (that control the behavior) to this method. An inactive profile is created if it does not already exist. The administrator in the customer system can activate the profile when required.

This SAP Document or the URL provides an example for this.