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Difference Between Free Goods and Bonus Buy

Updated May 18, 2018

Free Goods vs. Bonus Buy

Free goods are either inclusive or exclusive if a customer orders for 10 products he will get 1 free for that no price is charged this is exclusive scenario.

If a customer orders 10 products he will get 9+1 for 1 product he wil not charged this inclusive scenario.

For bonus buy if a customer orders regularly 10 products in one occasion if he orders 1000 products he will be given less price than the price he will get for 10 products this bonus buy scenario.


Free goods are considered to be merchandise, movable belongings or personal property. Free goods are those which economists are not interested in because in free goods doe not offer the opportunity for creating a cost for usage. The best example of free goods is air because there is no scarity of air. Economists are interested only in goods, which can be manipulated to create cost for useage. Free goods are plentiful, you have as much as you want without a chance for future cost to society.

A bonus buy refers to any product manufactured or otherwise made available for purchase at a lower cost for a certain period of time. A bonus buy can relate to food, cars, stocks, bonds, insurance, bank loans or almost any product you can think of.

Examples of Bonus buys are: buy one and get one free, 20% original price, 15% Reduced Mortgage today.