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When adding the field to the Field Catalogue, no value is entered into this field during the output determination.

Updated May 18, 2018

How to add field to the field catalog using application V2 as an example. If field ERNAM (name of the creator) is added to the field catalog (Transaction VOK2) in the SD output determination (application V2; delivery), no value is entered into this field during the output determination.

Field KOMKBV2-ZZUSNAM must be added and supplied in structure KOMKBV2.

1. Include field ZZUSNAM in communication structure KOMKBV2. This structure contains an Include that is provided for additional fields. Add the field with the name ZZUSNAM in Include KOMKBZ4.

2. In structure KOMB in Include KOMBZ, you have to add the same field (same procedure as for item 1).


3. In view V_T681F, you must create the same field with transaction SM31 under key B V2.

4. Program LVCOMU04 contains Perform USEREXIT_KOMKBV2_FILL. This Perform is in program RVCOMFZZ.
       Modify the source code as follows:    FORM_USEREXIT_KOMKBV2_FILL.

5. After you have made these modifications, you must create a new condition table and an access sequence containing the new field. If a new access sequence and condition table was created before the communication structure was modified, it must be deleted again. Items 1 to 5 must be carried out in the specified sequence.

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