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When report SDVBUK00 is used.

Updated May 18, 2018

Report SDVBUK00 should always be used if a status was determined incorrectly for a sales document .

The status can only be corrected with report SDVBUK00 if the status display in the sales document differs from the status on the database.
If the same status is displayed in the document and on the database, the report SDVBUK00 will not correct the document. In this case, it is necessary to find the cause for the status determined.
The status displayed in the sales document can differ from the status on the database because all statuses are redetermined each time you call the status from the sales document header or the sales document item. The redetermination of the status is also carried out in the display transactions. The newly determined status (which only differs from the status of the database in the case of an error) is not then saved. The newly determined status on the database is only saved during a redetermination of the status in a change transaction.

Report SDVBUK00 should definitely not be scheduled daily. Instead it should only be started if required for the correction of an individual document.