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Why does a split occur per schedule line for scheduling agreements.

25 Jul 2013 3:10 pm || 0

This can be caused by a change to system behaviour brought about by enhancing delivery creation functions:

  • System behavior up to Release 3.1I:
    Each time a delivery creation transaction (Transaction VL01 or VL04) is called, a delivery item is created for a scheduling agreement item in which the quantity of the oldest outstanding scheduling line is delivered.
  • System behavior as of Release 4.0A
    As of Release 4.0A, all scheduling lines due for processing (at most up to "delivery creation date to") are delivered automatically, thus the quantities of the schedule lines are cumulated.

If the selection date is in the future and if there are one or more schedule lines in the past and in the future, cumulation of the quantity takes place only for schedule line items whose delivery creation date is in the past.

Up to now, the material availability date (MBDAT) and the transportation planning date (TDDAT) had to fall before the delivery creation date (LEDAT) of the selected schedule line of Transaction VL10 in order for the system to regard a schedule line as due for processing.

After this correction, a schedule line is already regarded as due for processing if one of the two dates falls before the delivery creation date of the selected schedule line of Transaction VL10 and the selected line is delivered irrespective of MBDAT and TDDAT.

If you are not satisfied with the current system behavior, SAP offers you the following possible solutions:

Solution 1:
To deliver all open schedule lines until yesterday, that is without today's schedule lines. Thus the delivered quantity is less after this modification.

Solution 2:
To undo the function enhancement for Release 4.0, that is no cumulation of schedule lines due for processing.

Solution 3:
To deliver all open schedule lines up to a variable date relative to the date of the delivery creation. As an example, - 1 day is specified, thus cumulation up to yesterday.

Solution 4:
To deliver all open schedule lines up to the date shown on the initial screen of the delivery creation. In order to prevent the delivery of schedule lines to an unrestricted time in the future, a maximum number of days in the future of 30 days is set. If this number of days is not enought or is too many, change the definition in accordance with the comment in the source code. Caution! If you allow too many days, you can deliver your entire schedule agreement far in the future if an (unwanted) date is entered!

As of Release 4.6, there are additional options for determining the quantity with which you can deliver a sales order. See Transaction VL10C (sales orders and scheduling agreements, item view), Transaction VL10E (sales orders and scheduling agreements schedule line view). If you use a display without grid control (User role -> Use control -> ' '), you have the option of specifying the quantity explicitly. A proposal for the delivery quantity can be proposed from the confirmed quantities of the selected schedule lines.

This note is not included in a Support Package, therefore check whether the described correction is necessary. When you import a Support Package, parts of this correction may be overwritten, therefore when importing the Support Package make sure that this correction is retained unchanged in your system (Transaction SPAM / SPAU).