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CRM Marketing Software and Its Advantages

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CRM Marketing Software and Its Advantages

CRM or Customer Service Management, which encompasses all aspects of interaction that a company has with its treasured customers - whether it is sales or service related - is a responsible and personalized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tool built for organizing, automating and synchronizing customer relationships. Companies usually focus on sales force automation or service optimization. However, with marketing strategies coming into the spotlight for proficient planning, execution and measurement of all programs; campaigns; and related activities; it is now easier for marketing campaigns and activities to attain more objectively verifiable and quantifiable results.

With innovative SAP CRM marketing software in place, you can :

Wisely engage your clients and steer growth by:

  • Successfully engaging customers and delivering customized experiences that build customer loyalty;
  • Aligning marketing operations in a manner that hastens marketing processes;
  • Harvesting big data to gain significant client insights;
  • Improving customer target plans with relevant and convincing offers;
  • Accelerating marketing processes by amplifying visibility and control;
  • Getting overall support for all marketing and other activities to foster growth;

Systematize Segment and List Management by:

  • Targeting high volumes of client data at unequalled speed, with an interactive interface displaying valuable client insights;
  • Escalating agility to react promptly to dynamic market opportunities, before they disappear;
  • Identifying and responding quickly to frequently changing customer preferences;
  • Searching for veiled trends and discovering new client segments effortlessly;

Pioneer Marketing and Resource Brand Management by:

  • Aligning all marketing activities and resources around strategic goals
  • Efficiently optimizing resources (budget, people, time, and assets)
  • Managing financial plans and costs accurately;
  • Escalating brand awareness with appropriate usage and uniformity;
  • Aiding cooperation among team members and collaborating activities all across the enterprise;

Set off Lead Management by:

  • Carrying out a 360-degree analysis of account information to make the most of beneficial decisions;
  • Taking the most appropriate decisions throughout the lead management process – thereby ensuring that high-quality leads are produced and processed with least manual efforts;
  • Leveraging a single source for all audiences;
  • Automating the complete lead lifecycle process--from generation to conversion;
  • Escalating conversion rates by extending the lead management process to partners and others.

Initiate Multichannel Campaign Management by:

  • Engaging customers effortlessly across various channels: Web sites, e-mail, social media, and point of service, with pertinent messages that provide great experiences;
  • Creating convincingly targeted offers for customers based on current interaction framework and purchase history;
  • Initiating innovative cross-channel dialogue campaigns that will foster relations over time;

Build Client Loyalty by:

  • Fostering client allegiance through multichannel dependability points and reward programs that offer significant rewards for profitable customer behaviour;
  • Implementing multichannel loyalty programs from a solo platform;
  • Motivating membership among customers through vigorous tier management and card-handling capabilities;
  • Accruing and redeeming closed-loop points for accounting, processing, etc.

Leverage Marketing Analytics by:

  • Integrating prognostic analytics to predict customer behaviours;
  • Staying on the apex of marketing operations with performance dashboards that are already defined;
  • Understanding the efficacy of all marketing activities across various channels;

A robust and scale-able SAP CRM marketing software does all of this and a lot more to facilitate your business and steer your company’s growth, like never before.

Go for it.


  • 27 Jul 2017 1:03 pm Helpful Answer

    Using CRM, a business can: 

    - Provide better customer service 
    - Increase customer revenues 
    - Discover new customers 
    - Cross sell/Up Sell products more effectively 
    - Help sales staff close deals faster 
    - Make call centers more efficient 
    - Simplify marketing and sales processes 

    The types of data CRM projects collect 

    - Responses to campaigns 
    - Shipping and fulfillment dates 
    - Sales and purchase data 
    - Account information 
    - Web registration data 
    - Service and support records 
    - Demographic data 
    - Web sales data