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About SAP GUI window

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About SAP GUI window

The SAP GUI window is composed of following Navigations:

  • Title bar
  • Menu bar
  • Standard tool bar
  • Application tool bar
  • Status bar and
  • Function keys

Title bar:

It is at the top of every SAP window and gives the description of the screen for a current window that is displayed.

SAP User menu

It is built as per users specific needs. It displays all the transactions relevant to a user, grouped under relevant folders.

SAP Easy Access Menu

It includes the transactions offered by SAP, grouped in folders according to SAP various modules.

SAP Menu Bar

The contents of SAP Menu bar changes from one screen to another. The options in the menu bar match the module currently processing.

SAP Standard Tool Bar

It remains same from one transaction to another. SAP Standard Toolbar is used to execute various functions. It is supported by Buttons, transaction box etc.

SAP Application Toolbar

The SAP Application Toolbar changes in accordance to the user screens and is either application or transaction specific.

SAP Status Bar

The SAP Status Bar tells you about which environment you are using, which session you are in, what client you are using. Etc.

SAP Function Keys

This provides an alternative way for navigation into the SAP system. The availability changes from one screen to another. To get the list of all the keys right click on the mouse during a transaction shall give you a list of function keys.

The Menu Bar 

The Standard Toolbar

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