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How can we access BW workbooks via WebGUI

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How can we access BW workbooks via WebGUI

A dump occurs once BW workbooks are retrieved from user menu in WEB GUI or transaction RRMX is called from WEB GUI. Petitioning BUSINESS WAREHOUSE workbooks from web GUI or calling transaction RRMX will not work in the case of transaction RRMX/RRMXP because they all are supported for windows GUI but are supported for web and HTML. For this you will have to examine in the transaction SE93.If you want to fetch excel related information that is stored in windows registry you won’t be able to do this from web GUI. The menu will show the workbooks even though they are not maintained from WEB GUI because they are one of the user favorites. As soon as user connects to a workbook, the work book would not be opened but you will get a perfect message.

Now you have to import support package 22 for SAP Netweaver BI 7.00 in to your BI system. And after than you have to import support package 05 for SAP Netweaver BI 7.01 in to your BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE system. And later you have to import support package 03 for SAP Netweaver BI 7.11

At last you must have to do some kind of manual entry :

First of all you have to go to Transaction se91, then you have to write a message as RSR_LAUNCH_EXCEL and then click on the display. After then click on edit and then merge an entry with the following details:

Message Message short text 067. And then click on save.

Hope this article might help you to sort out this issue.

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