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Adding Multiple Users to Multiple Positions/Org Assignmenst in CRM/ISU

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Adding Multiple Users to Multiple Positions/Org Assignmenst in CRM/ISU


Im a relativley new SAP Administrator and as part of my role, I have to set users up in SMP and assign users to positions in the CRM and ISU Org structures, problem being, many users require multiple position assignments.  I frequently recieve new access requests of 10 users who require access to between 10 and 15 Positions, this can mean a request can take numerous hours as I have to add the users (collectively) to 150 positions (10 users x 15 positions).

Does anyone here know how I can speed this process up instead of having to add each user to each position individually.  I know SAP has mass provisioning functions, if one existed for Position assignment it would save a lot of time on what is quite a mundane/labour intensive administrative task.

Any assistance would be appreciated.






  • 18 Jan 2013 2:42 pm
    Not too long ago, using CRM software only made sense for large enterprises due to cost and complexity, but that’s no longer the case. The costs associated with CRM are within reach for all businesses. So is the hardware needed to use CRM. Even more, so are the reasons for using CRM. A tight economy has caused a need for efficiency and speed. And a good CRM can allow a small business to move faster than ever, never missing important information at the right time.

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