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Timeout Settings of ICM or the SAP Web Dispatcher

How to configure the timeout settings of the Internet Communication Manager (ICM) or the SAP Web Dispatcher?

Because SAP Web Application Server issue the HTTP timeout error and display the message "500 Connection timed out".

Kindly share your answer.

Thanks in advance.



  • 06 Apr 2016 6:20 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Best Answer

    The error message is the result of the usage of ICM 6.40 or a higher version for HTTP connection. ICM can be used in systems having ABAP stack and not in systems supporting just J2EE. 

    Settings are made in SAP web dispatcher to increase security against attacks. To guarantee maximum security the web dispatcher should always be up-to-date and should be allowed only on ports having secure protocol having host name or IP address which can be accessed from an internal network.

    Every SAP System and SAP instance has only one dispatcher and message server which cannot be increased. There is no scenario that requires extra dispatcher. 

  • 30 Mar 2016 3:17 pm Jyoti Pandey Helpful Answer

    You are getting this error message because you are using ICM 6.40 or higher for HTTP connections of the SAP Web AS. We can use ICM only in systems which also have an ABAP stack, and not in J2EE-only systems.

    Please follow the below points.

    • Client and server roles of the ICM
    • List of the various ICM timeout parameters
    • Short description of the icm/conn_timeout parameter
    • Description of "Processing timeout" and "Keepalive timeout"
    • Configuration of the ICM parameters for the processing timeout and the keepalive timeout
    • Timeout parameters in the SAP Web Dispatcher
    • ICM kernel patches that affect timeouts