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Customer Material Info Record description

Updated May 18, 2018

We are using a customer specific description for some materials that we sell. These descriptions are maintained in the Customer Material Info Record (CMIR).

While this gave the desired result of having the customer's material description in the invoice. It has an unwanted side effect. We find that the CMIR description is overwriting the material master description in the SD screens that is used for operations. The material description in screens such as VA01, VA05, VL02N, VL06 is now the customer's description. This description is not very meaningful for the people running the operations.

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Has any come across anyway to have the material master description displayed in the SD screens?

If you use the Customer Material Info Record ONLY to have a customer description in the invoice (not for other parameters as for example delivering plant, min delivery qty, ...) I would suggest:

1. set off "Read info-record" flag for your SD document type
2. still keep the Customer Material Info Record creation but take from it only the customer description via invoice SAPScript.

The customer material description will not be used in any VA* transaction.