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Deploy SAP GUI in my Client PC

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Deploy SAP GUI in my Client PC

We want to deploy SAP GUI in my Client PC.


Under following condition.

(1)    Using Domain Level group policy in Windows environment. or

(2)    Using SMS server software distribution method.   or

(3)    Using Windows deployment server as Application package with OS .


Plesae suggest How I can Install SAPGUI in my Client Workstation.

SAPGUI  is comming in  .exe file . So we required  .msi  file  .For this SAP GUI installation







  • 03 Jan 2009 4:31 am
    SAP dosen't support or create many if any MSI files. I would push the GUI via SMS using the command line with the slient switch. You can package up the client along with the componets you need using the SAP Installation Server which will put everything in a exe format.

    Good luck

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