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Error in Case Program Replication CRM to ECC

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Error in Case Program Replication CRM to ECC


We are implementing CRM Case Management and we are having issues with integration of Grantor Program replication to Funded Program. I have done all the prerequisite config and in ECC and the Middleware config is done. When i release a Grantor Program from the Web UI i get the following error on Process Control Status ERP Transfer: Incorrectly Transferred. 
When i check SMW01 in CRM the Bdoc Queue CSAGPMGPM has partially send, receivers error. The long text error has the following content: 
Funded program IDAD: Company code or FM area is missing 
Message no. FM_MEASURE105 

It looks like this message is coming out of ECC to CRM. How can i derive the company code/FM Area from CRM. 

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