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Job Profile & Salary Package for CRM Consultant

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Job Profile & Salary Package for CRM Consultant

SAP CRM certification offers new dimensions jobs in the field of sales, marketing, analysis, customer care, technical support, opportunity management etc.The job profiles can be of SAP CRM consultant, SAP CRM functional consultant, SAP CRM technical consultant.


The job profile is based on companies strategies, candidates experience and skills posses. The average salary of a SAP CRM consultant in India is of about 6.22 lacs with companies like IBM India paying high as 7.65 lacs to its SAP CRM consultant.

The average salary of  functional consultant in SAP CRM is of the range of 5.98 lac p.a with Accenture services pvt ltd paying upto 8.05 lacs p.a and wipro infotec ltd as high up to 4.17 lac p. a

The average salaries of SAP CRM technical consultant is 6.04 lacs p.a with IBM India pvt ltd paying 7.38 lacs p.a.

Thus average salaries of SAP CRM professionals in INDIA is 7.08 lacs p.a and the salaries grow with experience and skills imparted in the individual. The top paying companies for SAP CRM professionals in India are ONGC with 33 lacs p.a, Siemens Ltd with 14. 66 lac p. a and HCL CDC 10 lacs p. a

The educational qualification which extracts high return in case of SAP CRM is of MTech followed by MBA or PGDM and then B.Tech or BE.

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