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List of Features not Available in SAP GUI for Java

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List of Features not Available in SAP GUI for Java

Here you may find List of Features not Available in SAP GUI for Java:

Office-Integration which is integration of frontend office applications (like Word, Excel etc.) into SAP transactions is not available.
Windows-specific non-standard functionality made available in SAP GUI for Windows in the form of external ActiveX controls is generally not available in SAP GUI for the Java Environment, e.g SAPscript.

For some ActiveX controls, JavaBeans equivalents are available.
Search help control is not supported.
Graphical Screen Painter is not available but alphanumeric layout editor is supported.
Drag and Drop is only supported in Tree control and Image control. Applications must have an additional way to perform the similar functionality.
New Mode Button is not supported.
Keyboard shortcuts are not visible in tooltip text for buttons in the application toolbar. All the currently availble keyboard shortcuts are displayed in menubar and function key pop-up menu.
Archive Link Viewer support is not yet fully integrated into the GUI. Nowadays, it is only possible to control external viewers by means of WS_EXECUTE calls.
Frontend printing using SAPLPD is only supported on Win32 platforms. For newer backend versions, a new printing architecture for all platforms supported by SAP GUI for Java is available, View 821519 for details.
eCATT is not supported.
Localization of GUI texts is not supported.
Status bar does not show a progress bar yet (text and percentage is shown).
Internationalization: The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) has to run withan appropriate locale for being able to display certain characteres like Japanese, Cyrillic etc. The JRE is using this information to choose fonts which include these characters.
Chart control : copy/paste is not available yet
Writing Systems:
Languages requiring bidirectional text in/ouput are not supported.
Inline input is not supported in graphics applications on Unixes (see 824691)

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