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How to replace customers from ECC to CRM?

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How to replace customers from ECC to CRM?

Hey, you all know that SAP ECC and SAP CRM are important modules of SAP Portal. SAP ECC stands for Enterprise Central Component and SAP CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. So as per their name describe their functions, if anyone wants to replace the customers from ECC to CRM. He should follow the below given steps:-

  1. First of all you have to open a business partner in BP t-code, in modification mode.
  2. Then you have to migrate that business partner that you opened before from R3 system in a new window. In t-code CRMM_BUPA_MAP.
  3. After that you have to check in t-code SMW01 whether there is arriving bdoc or not. If you had locked the target business partner, the bdoc will produce an error. It will help you to allow the recycle the bdoc.
  4. Next you have to put an external breakpoint on your implementation code of BUPA_INBOUND.
  5. Finally in SMW01, you have to reprocess the bdoc to see the debug window.

This might be occurring because whenever you reprocess the bdoc, the user that will be used for that purpose is your user. In a normal transfer scenario, the user you used is the one that is configured in the RFC, and since they cannot be debugged as the user are normally the service users.

If you are using custom roles defined in SAP CRM the standard BTE that maps ECC account groups to CRM business partner roles has been enhanced using a custom user exit in ECC.

Now create a function module in the ERP system as an implementation for the DE_EIOUT user exit.

To create a function module you have to follow the below steps:

Copy the SAMPLE_FCTMODULE_DE_EIOUT function module to the new Z_PI_BP_ROLE_MAP_DE_EIOUT function module in a customer specific function group.

By following these steps you can easily replace customers from ECC to CRM.