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SAP GUI resources (APO): Hardware and software

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SAP GUI resources (APO): Hardware and software

This note answers questions about hardware and software requirements for SAPGUI / SAPClient (APO).


You must also take the respective recommendations of the operating system manufacturer into account.
They are minimum requirements. SAP assumes that the supported operating systems or the required software packages are downward compatible, if not specified otherwise by the manufacturer. In case of doubt, an exception list is defined. (Also refer to 26417, which defines the resource requirement for the Core GUI).

It is always possible to use the thin client, so that the minimum requirements listed here need not apply. Due to the large number of parameters, consult SAP if required.

Release APO 2.0A (with Core SAPGUI 4.6A and higher: SAPGUI Releases earlier than
                  SAPGUI 4.6A are not supported for APO 2.0A).
Release APO 3.0A  (with Core SAPGUI 4.6C and higher: SAPGUI Releases earlier than
                  SAPGUI 4.6C are not supported for APO 3.0A)
Release APO 3.1   (with Core SAPGUI 6.10 and higher: SAPGUI Releases earlier than
                  SAPGUI 6.10 are not supported for APO 3.1)

The recommendations for APO 2.0a should be the minimum.

For APO, the following presentation clients are supported:

1. SAP GUI for Windows: See the system requirements below.
2. SAP GUI for HTML   : Information on the SAP GUI for HTML is contained in the central SAP GUI  66971.
3. The SAP GUI for Java is currently not supported for APO.

Information about SAP APO front end patches is available in 422446 and 415099.

APO SAP GUI for Windows:

To see which Windows releases are supported, check the central SAP GUI Note 66971.
Support exceptions for SAP APO compared to the standard Windows SAPGUI:

For SAP APO 2.0A, Windows releases earlier than Windows 95 are not supported.
For SAP APO 3.0A, Windows releases earlier than Windows 98 are not supported.

System requirements::

Minimum:    Pentium 133 MHz
Recommendation: Pentium 350 MHz (or faster)
Main memory
Minimum:    64 MB
Recommendation: 128 MB
Hard disk
The 4.6 GUI must already been installed. A minimum of 14 MB is also required for APO front end components for a local installation.
Graphics board
Minimum: 1024 x 768, 32768 colors, 4 MB memory


For work stations with desktop integration, you also need to consider the requirements of the respective office programs. If the requirements exceed the indications listed here (for example, more than 3 modes or simultaneously running programs - for example, office product PLUS mail client, external software) you might have to carry out estimations and tests on an individual basis.

The following normally applies:

Processor: Maximum of the individual specifications
Memory:  Addition of the individual specifications
Hard disk:  Addition of the individual specifications

Due to the restricted possibilities of Win95 and Win98 (administration of the "GDI" resources) you may want to consider changing the Windows NT platform.  Therefore, for Win95 and Win98, we recommend that you conduct a test when maximum demands are being placed by the workstations (maximum number of sessions, using external software at the same time; for example, MS Word and so on).