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Transporting SAP HANA content with Enhanced CTS (CTS+)

24 Oct 2016 1:19 pm || 0

What is Enhanced CTS (CTS+) Transport Landscape

In this scenario, the SAP HANA content is transported as another non-ABAP content. This typical basic CTS transport landscape consists of SAP HANA Source system, SAP HANA Target system and CTS+ Domain Controller.  

Mechanism of Enhanced CTS (CTS+) Transport Landscape

SAP SAP HANA Source system

  • Export function Available and we can directly attach the delivery unit into transport request

 CTS+ Domain Controller

  • Releases the transport request and transfers the exported Delivery unit  to the imported queue of the target system.
  • Import the ABAP transport request in the import queue of the target system results in the deployment of the delivery unit into the target system

SAP HANA Target System

  • HANA Target system import request and deploys the Delivery Unit

How Enhanced CTS Transport Landscape Works

The below steps are followed in CTS+ Transport Landscape:

  1. Creating a transport request in the SAP HANA source system
  2. Exporting Transport while requesting Release.
  3. The content now leaves HANA source system and handed to Domain Controller
  4. And in the next step content gets imported to SAP HANA target system from CTS+ Domain Controller as a transport administrator.

Used cases for Enhanced CTS Transport Landscape

  • SAP customers and users with ABAP-footprint and existing CTS transport landscape established for other non-ABAP content types like mobile content can be easily integrated into SAP HANA content development such as CTS Transport Landscape by using CTS+.
  • SAP HANA content is used and handled like all other non-ABAP content.

Advantages of Enhanced CTS Transport Landscape

  • It is and robust and powerful to manage, transport and distribute changes into complex system landscape.
  • It acts as central management for ABAP and non-ABAP system.
  • Integration in SAP process tools such as ChaRM, QGM.

Disadvantage of Enhanced CTS Transport Landscape

Separate imports for SAP HANA content and other content types.