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Logistics Information System (LIS) in SAP

Updated May 18, 2018

Answer: LIS stands for Logistics Information System. In SAP, the logistics information system is a combination of the following systems.

  • Sales Information System
  • Purchasing Information System
  • Inventory Controlling Shop Floor Information System
  • Plant Maintenance Information System
  • Quality Management Information System

More about What is SAP LIS?

Logistics information system can be used to effectively plan the entire logistics cycle in SAP. A user can control and monitor business events in the logistics cycle to make effective decisions. Data coming in from various sub modules in SAP can be clubbed and analyzed using the logistics information system. LIS thus acts as a flexible tool to aggregate and cull out important data. Key figures can be defined in LIS to keep track of important logistics parameters. Users can analyze data in various ways. LIS even allows users to customize the reports as per individual reporting requirements making it a flexible reporting and analytical tool.


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    There is a main transaction to mange LIS (SIS, PIS,QMIS, WMIS, etc) or thera are several transaction depending the module, Could you please List this transactions ??