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Control code value not Auto Populated for GST IN

Hello SAP Experts,

Control code field does not get auto populated in the case of Material PO from material master under GST INDIA tab.

This issue can be re-generated by following:

  • In material master please maintain the HSN code.
  • Now create Purchase Order with t-code ME21N
  • Now please enter the fields like material, plant, quantity, details of storage location
  • Now when you will navigate to India tab you will notice that the value of control code field is blank


  • 23 May 2017 4:21 pm Helpful Answer

    The control code field is blank because the control code logic on the India tab is not triggered

    Therefore in order to resolve this issue please trigger the control code logic by marking the variable 'ex_gst_rele' as X inside function module J_1IG_DATE_CHECK.