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Customer Down Payment GSTIN

Updated May 18, 2018

How to clear line for Customer down payments for GST India?

Following are the steps involved in for Customers Down payment:

  • First, configure customer down payment.
  • Now execute the t-code F.29.
  • Now the GST will be calculated on the net amount.


Follow the steps below in order to clear line for Customer down payment for GST India:

1) First, you have to set "+B"  "tax category"  for "Down payment SP GL account"  for Customer.

2) Then you have to maintain your "sp gl Indicator" at field "Input tax clearing"(4th field) in the transaction code OBXR.

3) Now you have to please maintain the GL account (clearing GL) for T-code MVA (Input tax clearing on down payment)

  •     against your "sp gl indicato" at OBXB
  •     "Output tax clearing on down payments"   MVA ticked for customers.

 4) At last, save the changes.