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Transaction code J_1IG_INV Error for STO

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello SAP Experts,

While executing transaction code J_1IG_INV I am getting following errors:

  • Message No. F5507: G/L account is not defined in chart of accounts
  • Message No. RW609: Error in document : BKPFF $
  • Message No. FF765: Transaction key does not exist
  • Message No. KI235: Account xxxxxxxxxx requires an assignment to a CO object
  • Message No. RW602: Required Field TAX_CODE was not transferred in parameter ACCOUNTTAX

Please follow the below steps in order to re-generate the above errors:

  • First, create stock transfer order.
  • Now create the outbound delivery document and issue the goods
  • And then create GST outbound invoice
  • Now post goods receipt
  • At last, create a GST inbound invoice document with the help of t-code 'J_1IG_INV


  • 10 May 2017 12:48 pm Sonia Barwar Best Answer

    In order to avoid the above errors please make sure the settings are maintained as mentioned below:

    • First please make sure the customizing for STO (Stock Transfer Order) are in accordance with the document provided in SAP document 2416018.
    • The business place has been activated for the country code 'IN'
    • The plant assigned to Business place
    • Info record has been maintained and referred in STO PO for tax code determination
    • The business place must be defined for company code
    • Also make sure that the condition names CGSTSOFFAP, SGSTSOFFAP, IGSTSOFFAP, IGSTAR, CGSTAR, SGSTAR in table/view J_1IEXCDEFN must be classified in t-code SM30.
    • In table J_1IT030K_V Tax code/Accounting key/Business place relevant GL account should be maintained
    • The Accounting key must be assigned to the condition types
    • Maintain the condition record for atleast one condition from tax procedure with 0 rate and key combination 'Tax Classification' (A003 table) for the tax codes created for GST. This is required to make the tax code active for the tax procedure.
  • 15 Jun 2017 10:11 pm Guest Helpful Answer
    • Ensure you have Tax code in the GL Assignment and in the Info REcord of the Material, maintain the TAx code what you made in PO.
  • 09 Aug 2017 12:34 pm Guest

    Please check OSS Note: 2479100 - GST IN: Business area and Profit center error in J_1IG_INV

  • 01 Feb 2018 10:42 am shantanu m

    Check the tax code in Purchase Info Record whether it is ST or not. In MK02, Give the STO vendor and the purchase orgnanization to which who has raised the PO.In Menu go to Extras Add Purchasing Data enter the Plant which is going to send you the material. You need to change this when the supplier plant changes in PO. Pre-requsite is maintain only one vendor as STO Vendor.


    Shantanu M.