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Tax Indicator (TAXIM) Fields for GST IN

Updated May 18, 2018

What is the Tax Indicator fields used for GST India in SAP standard system?


1) SAP has allotted tax indicators, 0,1,2 and 3 as the part of the design.

2) As for now there are four possibilities under GST, therefore the material will either be:

  • Value 0- Taxable under GST
  • Value 1- GST - Exempted
  • Value 2- Non-Taxable under GST
  • Value 3- Excisable with GST

For each of them SAP provides four indicators

3) These indicators provided by SAP are used to access the sequence along with combination of material, control code, plant region, vendor region etc. This combinations can be changed according to the needs of customer.

4) Customer can also create their own tax indicators in order to use them to sequence for tax determination.

5) As this is a standard field which is being used therefore there will be no separate customization table will be provided by SAP for the same.

6) Also as a part of design, these values will be used by SAP  to differentiate materials during reporting and other purposes.