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Vendor Down Payment GSTIN

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Vendor Down Payment GSTIN

How to clear line for Vendor down payment for GST India?

Following are the steps involved in for Vendors Down payment:

  • First, configure Vendor down payment.
  • Now execute the t-code F-48.
  • Now the GST will be calculated on the net amount.


Follow the steps below in order to clear line for Vendor down payment for GST India:

1) First, you have to set "-B"  "tax category"  for " Down payment SP GL account"  for Vendors.

2) Then you have to maintain your "sp gl Indicator" at field " Input tax clearing "(4th field) in the transaction code OBYR.

3) Now you have to maintain the GL account (clearing GL) for T-code VVA (Input tax clearing on down payment)

  •     against your "sp gl indicato" at OBXB
  •     "Input tax clearing on down payments"  VVA ticked  for vendors

4) At last save the changes.