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GSTIN number cannot be saved in Business place view

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello SAP Experts,

GSTIN number cannot be saved even after implementing the SAP Doc 2405502 and performing the all the manual steps.

In order to regenerate this issue please do the following:

  • First, navigate to SPRO path and maintain GSTIN number.

SAP Img settings > Cross Application components > General Application functions > Business place/Place of Business > Define Business place > Enter company code > Chose business place > Enter GSTN number.

OR Also,

SAP IMG settings > Financial accounting > Financial Accounting global Settings > Witholding tax > Extended witholding tax > Basic Settings > India > Define business places

  • Now click save
  • Now if you again display and check you will notice that GSTIN number is not saved



  • 15 May 2017 6:15 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Helpful Answer

    In order to resolve this issue please do the following:

    • First, ensure that all the changes given in SAP document 2405502 are completed
    • The code correction of SAP document 2385575 which is relevant must be applied via SNOTE.
    • Now the J_1BBRANCV view should be re-generated by following steps:
    1. First execute SE11 transaction.
    2. Now please choose the View radio button.
    3. Now please enter the name as J_1BBRANCV and choose the Change button.
    4. Now add GSTIN field inside the view field tab by referring the J_1BBRANCH table.
    5. Now please save and activate the view.

    Note: You don't need to perform the steps above if the fields is already existing

    • Now go in the change mode and select the following menu path in change mode: Utilities -> Table maintenance generator in order to create a table maintenance for the view 
    • Now go to menu option Generated Objects -> Change.
    • Select New field/Sec.table check box and press enter. On next prompt select Normal field and Single screen (121) and select enter
    • Now the process should end without error
    • Now please choose the Utilities -> Table maintenance generator and double click the screen number in the Single Screen field (with value 121) and click on the button.
    • Now extract the last active version of the screen 121 in order to make sure that the screen groupings remain untouched.