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Fiori Client shows error ERROR whitelist rejection

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Fiori Client shows error ERROR whitelist rejection

When User is try to use crosss domain functionality with external URL and they are getting a Whitelisting error during logon execution using SAP Fiori Client 1.2.4.  Fiori Client shows error "ERROR whitelist rejection".  

This worked in earlier version of Fiori Client 1.1.8.


  • Shalesh Singh Visen
    08 Aug 2016 7:03 pm

    To solve this error you need to add Whilte list url in Config file

    Cordova apps provide a setting in config.xml that lists what URLs can be accessed by the application.  By default the setting is set to *.  Change this to be the address of your SAP Mobile Platform server to restrict network access to the URL specified.

    On Android modify

    On iOS modify
    <access origin="" />

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