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Master Data GST Interview Questions and Answers

Updated May 18, 2018

GST Questions related to Master Data:

Is it necessary for us to create a service master along with maintaining SAC code for material type DIEN?

There is no need for maintaining the service master and material master is adequate. The storage of SAC code will be under control code field of "foreign trade export tab" DIEN material.

Will service master be required for sale of service?


Is SAP still dependant on the present excise localization table for maintaining control code with automatic updates into MARC or will localization tables no longer exist, and regular material master maintenance process shall need to be employed for updating fields?

No change takes place in the functionality if chapter ID and HSN code remain the same. If they are mot the same, then the chapter ID and HSN will be maintain in the localization table (J1ID) and control code field respectively.

What shall be done to open sales and purchase order when the existing plants get allocated to new business place that were created for GST?

This shift will be a part of the transition process. The customers shall have to take care of this at their end.

Will there be an impact on our end with regard to reporting/correction processes for the transactions that were originally assigned to old business place where the plant now has remapped business place?

This shift will be a part of the transition process. The customers shall have to take care of this at their end.

Does the actual place of supply a replication of business place?

It does not. While business place is for capturing registration at the state level, actual place of supply need not be the same as the recipient location when it comes to purchases.

Will it be possible for us to allocate more than one business place to the same company code or plant?

The allocation of a plant to a business place is N:1. More than one plant can be assigned to a single business place but it cannot happen the other way around.

As far as our understanding goes, its purpose is invoicing document number range. What purpose does the assignment of business place to plant serve?

Business place is representative of a unique registration in GST, which is very close to VAT. GSTIN (the registration number) will be captured on the level of business place. The plants that belong to a certain registration shall need to be allocated accordingly for determining which registration they will belong to, as well as for the determination of appropriate tax account.

Some new fields like GST Partner and Actual Place of Supply have been added in the invoice. Are any of these specific to countries?

All of these new fields will be visible only for the Indian company codes.

As of right now, only one field has been provided for GST Registration Number (GSTIN). Where can the Unique Identification Number in Vendors and Customer Records be stored?

The storage of Unique Identification Number shall be in the same field as the GST Registration Number.

Is Tax GL not derivative as per the business place and still referring from OB40?

Business Place is based on the G/L account determination: For Input and output, condition type wise, the transaction key to be created and business place wise G/L to be created and assigned.

Is there a possibility for adding in additional options in Vendor Classification apart from the Registered / Non- Registered / Compounding / PSU or Govt org provided by SAP?

All the returns are produced based on these options, therefore there will not be any exits provided for the development of customs.

Is GST invoice document numbering done at a business place level and when will it be delivered?

The GST Invoice document numbering will be carried as a part of the wave 2.

Any additional details required for vendor master updation – does it have to be collated from the vendors.

SAP – The GSTIN of the vendor is compulsory for determining tax and for reporting and the tax number 3 field is provided in the ECC system for capturing this in the system.

How will the vendor master will be updated i.e. Mass upload ?

SAP – This is a onetime activity, which will be taken care of by the customer

Is the Partner function activation necessary and how it would help?

SAP – You will be allowed to create separate vendors per state. The partner function is solely provided for the customer all those who want to have a concept of main vendor – sub vendor concept mostly to be aligned with the TDS (income tax act) requirement of exemptions etc.

How material master will be updated i.e. Mass upload ?

SAP – A one time activity to be managed by the customer

What are the changes in the pricing procedures and maintenance of access sequence.

SAP – All the reference conditions and access sequences will be delivered, and the customer will be further able to add to them.

How will the master for supply of service be maintained?

SAP – The Services master requires to be maintained along with the corresponding SAC codes such as the material masters along with the corresponding HSN codes

Any additional details required for vendor master updation have to be gathered from customers.

SAP – The GSTIN of the vendor is required for determining taxes and for reporting and the tax number 3 field is provided in the ECC system for capturing the same in the system.

How Dealers master will be updated i.e. Mass upload?

SAP _ One-time activity to be managed by the customer

Partner function activation – whether required?

SAP _ Partner function is an option

How material master will updated i.e. Mass upload ?

SAP – One time activity to be managed by the customer

Master for supply of service is to be maintained how?

SAP – Service master with corresponding SAC to be maintained like material master


  • 15 Jun 2017 8:38 pm Guest

    I have 1 plant in one state and operating business in 5 States. In this case i will be assigning the plant to business place belongs to and how about other 4 business places what i am i going to assign and system is going to identify the transactions.

  • 21 Aug 2017 4:52 pm Guest

    You have to rollout the new plants and assign business place