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OData Query returns BW_BICS_EQ 105

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OData Query returns BW_BICS_EQ 105

An Odata request for an ODataQuery returns BW_BICS_EQ/105  "Unknown or deleted query "

Please have a look on below points:

1. If this is the very first time the error occured check the backend system with report EQ_RS_AUTOSETUP in check mode.

If the Check report "This is not a BW Client" you need to set up BW. Check the configuration guide for your solution or check for 1972819 .

2. If you already have processed some ODataQuery successfully and the issue occurs check the BW Query for this service. If the query is executable the Service which is based on the query is normaly also executable

If the service is based on a CDS the naming is normaly:

OData Service:  _CDS
BW Query:2C
CDS definition:

  • 2a. run report RSRTS_CDS_QUERY_CHECK and input into DDL Name
  • 2b. run the query with transaction RSRT2 to check the queryresult. The queryname  "2C" is listed in the report RSRTS_CDS_QUERY_CHECK

3. If the RSRT2 result is ok check  the Service with transaction /iwfnd/gw_client

how to define a gw_client testcase

4. If the error look BW specific record a trace using additional URL parameter &trace=X