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SD User Manual Free Download

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SD User Manual Free Download

This document contains step by step procedures required for the following processes

  • Creation of Inquiry (VA11) - A new Inquiry is created only when the authorized person at Depot receives an Inquiry from an existing or new Non Trade Customer.
  • Creation of Quotation (VA21) - Quotation is created when an inquiry is received from a customer.
  • Creation of Sales Order for a Trade Customer (VA01) - A Sales order is created when a purchase order is got from the Trade Customer
  • Creation of Sales Order with reference to a Quotation (Non-Trade customer) (VA01) - A Sales Order created when a Purchase Order received from the Customer w/out reference to a Quotation
  • Creation of Sales Order for delivery of material from another depot (VA01) - A delivery from another Depot directly to Customer shall be created on the Decision of the Depot Incharge.


  • 31 Mar 2013 10:26 am
    Dear Sir,

    During creation of Organization data; Enterprise Structure - I have defined and assigned all the required elements and also started creating the procedure of master data,
    I created account group, Number Ranges, assigned the account group to number intervel.
    After this stuf i have also combined the (Dist Ch & Dist Div).
    Once this is over i started to create the new customer using Tcode - /nxd01 and entered the account group defined by me, company code, and sales area.
    Then clicked the create customer dialog box opened and filled all the related elements one by one. ( ie General Data ), then followed the Company Code Data.
    Here in this i started to enter the Reconciliation Account but this field says there are no entreis defined please check table etc. ( Reconcialliation is a required entry we check ie (.)
    so only the field allows to move forward, here iam facing the issue.

    to move forward i have again move to my account group and clicked to company code data and under account management i unchecked the require entry and checked the option entry for the reconciliation account say ex- (1400000) then i again created the customer and went on to enter the fields of the company code data. Then it did not stop me from further moving to the other fields.

    Please give me the precise reason to correct my issue. so that i shall not face during creation of new customer.

    With Best Regards.

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