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Tax Procedure Configuration for Sales and Distribution

Updated May 18, 2018

Maintaining Condition Table

Execute the transaction V/03

Source Combination : Country/ PlntRegion/ TaxCl1Cust/ TaxCl.Mat/Region/ Ctrl code

Source combination: PlntRegion/Region/TaxCl1Cust/Material

Source combination: PlntRegion/Region/TaxCl1Cust/Activity

Access Sequence Maintenance

Executing t-code V/07

Source access sequence created – JGSO – IN: GST for output taxes

Field Assignment:

Condition types

Make the changes to the pricing procedure JINFAC as given below

Create the following tax output condition types for GST

  • JPCG - IN: Central GST - OP
  • JPSG - IN: State GST – OP
  • JPIG - IN: Integrated GST-OP
  • JPUG - IN: Union Ter. GST-OP

NOTE: The condition types mentioned in this tutorial are for only examples.

Executing the t-code V/06

Condition type for Central GST - JPCG - IN: Central GST - OP

Condition type for Central GST - JPSG - IN: State GST – OP

Condition type for Central GST - JPIG - IN: Integrated GST-OP

Condition type for Central GST - JPUG - IN: Union Ter. GST-OP

Accounting Keys

Executing T-code OV34

Deductible Condition Types Accounting key

Account Key

Corresponding condition type

JPS – State GST- OP

JPSG -IN: State GST – OP

JPC - Central GST - OP

JPCG -IN: Central GST - OP

JPI - Integrated GST- OP

JPIG -IN: Integrated GST-OP

JPU - Union Ter. GST - OP

JPUG -IN: Union Ter. GST-OP

Pricing Procedure JINFAC Update

Executing T-code V/08

Please as shown below maintain the defined condition types and account keys in the pricing procedure.

Note: ‘10’ refers to the base price in the above image.

Classify Condition Types

Classify the condition types in the view - J_1IEXCDEFN through the transaction SM30

Proc. CTyp Condition Name