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Business Information Warehouse Study PDF Book Guide

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Business Information Warehouse Study PDF Book Guide

Chapter 1

Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses, and SAP BW------ 1

Chapter 2

Certification Exam-------------13

Chapter 3

Training------------------ 25

Chapter 4

Data Modeling---------- 32

Chapter 5

Building Blocks--------- 78

Chapter 6

Reporting------------- 116

Chapter 7

Extraction------------ 160

Chapter 8

Getting Ready for Certification: Tips and Tricks------------------ 187

Chapter 9

Simulated Certification Test------------------ 196

Appendix A

SAP BW and Data Warehousing Resources-------- 213

Appendix B

SAP BW Quick Reference Guide----------- 227

Appendix C

SAP BW R/3—Related Quick Reference Guide-------- 23

Appendix D

SAP BW 3.0 New Features

Appendix E

SAP BW Training Offerings: Course Descriptions------ 288

Appendix F

Roles and Skills for BW Projects--------- 301

Appendix G

SAP BW White Paper---------- 311

Appendix H

SAP BW Standard Business Content--------- 317

In recent years, companies have replaced dozens of legacy systems and years of business data with a new ERP system to address the integration and modernization of daily transactions that run the business. As part of this process, they redesigned business processes and often developed new process measurements. SAP was often the ERP system of choice.

After having implemented ERP, most organizations found that these systems were good for gathering data, executing transactions, and storing data. Still, organization after organization
discovered that getting information out of ERP systems was difficult.

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