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How To Routines within Transformations

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How To Routines within Transformations

Business Scenario

You have been tasked to manipulate and transform the data flowing through your data warehouse. You were asked to do the following:

1) You need to delete a select number of records within the data package based upon a particular pattern that the records being loaded have:
2) Populate a field based upon values of other fields being passed in the load process.
3) Derive an additional field for the target record structure

In order to accomplish these tasks it has been determined that you need to invoke the use of routines within the transformations of SAP NetWeaver 2004s Business Intelligence.

For purposes of our example, (use of these routines is of course not limited to this particular example) your company is implementing FI-GL and loading data from the FI_GL_1 DataSource in SAP R/3. You are loading this data into the level 1 DataStore Object 0FIGL_O06. See diagram below:

This transformation will be enhanced via routines by performing the following actions:

1) All records that do not have either a value for Debit Postings or Credit Postings will be deleted from the data package in the start routine
2) The Debit/Credit Indicator field in the target structure will be populated in an individual characteristic routine.
3) An additional Plan/Actual field will be populated in the end routine.

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