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Activities for the Support Consultant in PP

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Activities for the Support Consultant in PP

1.The support consultant have to solve the daily issues posted by the Core Users.

2.Either using standrad SAP T codes or by developments support consultant will be supposed to fulfill their requirement.

3.Such developments or new requirements has to be approved by both the client side & implementation partner side.

4.The support consultant is responsible to handle tickets and to provide application support to the endusers & to analyse the issue & provide a solution.

5. The support consultant will be responsible related to giving authorization,helping the core team members for their new business requirement,your suggestions regarding their frequently faced problems..

6. To create functional specs and to discuss with Abapers to develop user exits.

7.To develop new reports as per the customer need.

8.To provide end user training & to create user manual.

9.To do some new enhancements.
The main aspect is to resolve the issue ASAP & see that the system runs smoothly without any discrepancy....

As a consultant; your objective should be to monitor datas related to PP and configure the system as and when required