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AS02 - Change Asset master Record

Updated May 18, 2018

AS02 - Change Asset master Record


1- You can change various fields of the asset master data even after the asset master is created.


Certain assignments during the life cycle of an asset change frequently, and therefore a record should be kept of the changes, both for reporting and for valuation needs. Examples are the assignment of an asset to a cost center, or multiple-shift usage of an asset during a certain time period.
You can store the following assignments with different time intervals:
1) Cost center 2) Plant  3) Cost order
Data is stored in an unbroken sequence showing the exact day, with a "valid from" and "valid to" date. When you access a master record, the time-dependent data valid for the date of the request is displayed. If the assignment is different in other time periods, this is designated by a history indicator after the field. Using the "Field breakdown" function, you display the entries for a given field at the different intervals.


Menu Path

Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Fixed Assets ®  Asset ® Change ® AS02 - Asset 

Transaction Code


1. Double Click on AS02 - Asset

Change Asset: Initial screen


2. Update the following fields:

Field Name

Field Description


Asset Number

This is the number which, together with the asset sub-number, identifies a fixed asset in Asset Accounting.

Example:  5217000

3. Click the Enter    button.

Change Asset:  Master data


4. Update the following fields:

Field Name

Field Description



Enter a name for the asset in this field.

Example:  Admin.Building NO.1

Asset main no. text

In this field, you can enter any desired name for an asset main number. The text is then used, for example, in reporting, and in the display values transaction when accessing totals per asset main number.

Example:  Admin.Building NO.2

5.       Click Enter   to validate the entry.
6.       Click on the Time-dependant data tab 

Change Asset:  Master data


7. Press [F4] or Click the  Search button in the Cost center field.

Restrict value range (1)


8. Select 5210000 - 1000 - 5200 - W - R. C. Allen - GENERAL ACCOUNTING - EN - 01.01.1900 - 31.12.2001 in list box.

Change Asset:  Master data


9. Click the Save  button.
Is entered data for new or old interval?

10. Click Yes Button  .

Change Asset: Initial screen