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Define Document Number Range

Updated May 18, 2018


Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Setting -> Documents -> Document Number Ranges -> Define/Copy (co code or Fiscal Year)

In this activity, you create number ranges for documents. For each number range you specify (among other things):

  • a number interval from which document numbers are selected
  • the type of number assignment (internal or external)

You assign one or more document types to each number range. The number range becomes effective via the document type specified in document entry and posting.

One example of a case where external number assignment would be suitable is when you transfer documents into your SAP system from a non-SAP system. The numbers must be unique. The number range is not displayed with external numbers. You must therefore ensure that you do not skip any numbers when entering numbers manually (for organizational reasons).

You should use internal number assignment if the original documents do not have a unique document number. This is the case, for example, with vendor invoices.

Number ranges for documents are company code-dependent. You must, therefore create your number ranges for each company code in which the document type is used, namely with the same number range key.

The number intervals must not overlap. If you use year-dependent number ranges, you can specify the same interval with the same key several times for different "to- fiscal years"  (the limit up to which a number range is still valid). If you want to define number ranges which are independent of the to-fiscal year, enter 9999 in the to- fiscal year field.

For sample documents, use a number range with key X2, for recurring entry documents with key X1. These keys may not be used for other number ranges.

Document Number Range

Create the company code and select Intervals Options

Document Number Range

Select the options Interval from the task bar and enter Number Range for each document type.

Document Number Range

Enter the required details as per business needs.

For Copying from the one company code to another co code (OBH1)

In this activity, you can copy intervals of document number ranges from one company code to other company codes. To do this, you have to store the following information:
• Intervals which are copied
• To fiscal year(s) (validity limit up until which the number range is valid)
• Company code from which you copy (source company code)
• Company code(s) into which you copy (target company code(s))

Make all necessary specifications for copying the number ranges

Document Number Range

For Copying from One Fiscal year to another Fiscal year (OBH2)

In this activity, you can determine which intervals of document number ranges are to be copied from one fiscal year into another per company code. To do this, you have to define the following information:

  • Company code(s) within which you copy
  • Number range number(s) which are copied
  • Fiscal year from which you copy (source fiscal year)
  • Fiscal year into which you copy (target fiscal year)

Make all necessary specifications for copying the fiscal years.

Document Number Range

9999 Fiscal Year is a SAP defined default fiscal year.


  • 27 May 2013 3:34 pm Guest
    Hi: SAP gurus

    I did not realized that I had already copied document ranges to fiscal year (OBH2), now it is over populated.
    How to delete some of them or delete all and copy fresh.
  • 17 Sep 2013 4:25 pm Guest
    company code is not assigned to number range 01 for the year 2013