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How to Define Account Group

Updated May 18, 2018

T-code (OBD4)
Financial Accounting
 General  Ledger Accounting
   GL Accounts
    Master Records
      Define Account Group

Define Account Group

When creating a G/L account, you must specify an account group.

The account group determines:
• the interval in which the account number must be
• which fields are required and optional entries when creating and changing master records
• which fields are suppressed when creating and changing master data.

It enables you to control the layout of screens.

Check and change the standard account groups as needed. If you set up your own charts of accounts, you must specify account groups for them.

Account Group

Here various account groups under which the various GL Accounts has to be grouped is being defined.

Select the option New Entries from the task bar.

Account Group

 Define the Account Groups as per Business needs. After Defining the Account Group the filed status for that Group has to be specified. The field status so defined will control the fields for creating the master records of any account to be created under that particular group.

Account Group

Define the field status and save the work under a request.