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Difference between Active, Passive Document Splitting and Zero balance Method

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Difference between Active, Passive Document Splitting and Zero balance Method

Hello Experts,

I have a query regarding splitting that what is the main difference between Passive spilting, Active splitting and Zero balance method? On which base we do spliting?

Kindly share your valuable views here so i can proceed further, thanks in advance.


  • Sonia Barwar
    25 Sep 2015 10:58 am

    Document Splitting in New General Ledger

    Document Splitting means split the documents automatically for selected dimensions to receivable line items by profit center. Document splitting enables you allow draw financial statements for dimensions like profit center,business area,segments any time. Document splitting two types mainly 

    1) Active document splitting 

    2) Passive document splitting. 

    ACTIVE DOCUMENT SPLITTING: Active document splitting based on the business transaction/ variant assigned to document type and the item category assigned to the gl determines does the splitting of each line item in the document based on the configuration you have done. you have control over this document splitting. 

    PASSIVE DOCUMENT SPLITTING: Means you do not have control takes the characteristics from original document. that is reference or precedding document. reversal document always refers to the original document being reversed.

    ZERO BALANCE METHOD: Means in this method define document splitting characteristics in gl accounting as relevant for the balance sheet. if the balancing dimensions in a document not producing balance of zero. the system creates additional clearing items. that ensures the balancing of dimensions produce balance of zero. you can create B/S or partial B/S from doc splitting characteristics. Mostly we do splitting assign doc type and account determination.

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