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Work Flow Creation Steps

Updated Jun 04, 2018

How to create Workflow

Trigger custom workflow when a Document is Parked


This document shows step by step process for the creation of workflow, which is triggered whenever a document is parked. Functionality for posting is also covered.

Workflow configuration needed to be done is also explained.


  • Initiator parks the document.
  • Workflow is triggered on ‘COMPLETED’ event.
  • It is sent to Finance Officer
  • He /she either release the document for payment or reject it.
  • Upon release document is sent to Finance Manager.
  • That person can view it, post it or reject it.


  • When workflow is triggered, initiator receives a mail that document has been sent to his supervisor.
  • When document is rejected, workflow is set to complete and initiator can be sent a comments mail.




Go to transaction SWDD. Create a new workflow and save it under your package.

Workflow Builder Create Unnamed

Go to Work flow container and add a new element. The following screen opens.

Graphical model

Create a new element ,ZFIPP as we are using BO FIPP.

Change Container Element

Also set import and export parameters.

ZFIPP Import Export Parameter

Click on the Basics Data button or press Ctrl-f8 and enter the work flow starting event.

Workflow Starting Event

We want the work flow to start on ‘Completed’ event OF FIPP BO.

Activate the triggering event. It will be done thru a Customizing Request.

Automatic Bidding

Also generate Automatic Binding.

Change Bidding for Workflow

Both the Activation and Binding buttons should be green by now.

Workflow Start Using Triggering Events

Now our workflow should look like this: Event is successfully configured.

Graphical Model

Now we want to send mail to the initiator that document no xxxxx has been sent to his supervisor,

Enter a mail step.

Enter Mail Step

Enter a Mail Step

Now we want to add a task which will enable the supervisor to release amount for subsequent posting.

Add a new task. We will use RELEASE method of FIPP BO.

Release Method of FIPP BO

Standard Task Display

Now our workflow looks like this

Graphical Model

Now on rejection , we want to add a MAIL interface ,so that Supervisor can add some comments on why he is rejecting this document. We will be using standard SAP business workplace mail for this purpose.

On rejection add the following task under a new activity: TS20000139.Also add a process control which will set our workflow to complete.

On Rejection add TS20000139

Standard Task Display

Now our workflow looks like this

Graphical Model

Also add a mail step in rejection to send to initiator a mail that document has been rejected.
Now we will come to the condition that Supervisor releases the payment We need to set a release flag.

Define an element named released. Don’t forget to set its import and export parameters.

Import and Export Settings

Add a container operation and set the following settings:

Container Operation Settings

Our workflow now looks like

WorkFlow Look

Now that the document is released by the Finance Officer, we will add a User decision step, for the Manager.

The Manager will have the following options.

  1. View the document
  2. Reject the document
  3. Post the document

Lets make a User decision

User Decision Steps

For review add a new activity using the standard method DISPLAY of BO FIPP.

Display of BO FIPP

Display of BO FIPP

For post add a new activity using the standard method POST of BO FIPP.

standard method POST of BO FIPP

Standard Task Display

For rejection, use previous done mail step and send mail to initiator that document has been rejected.

The User Decision step looks like now.

User Decision Steps

We have now done all the required Work flow tasks and steps.


Now we need to configure our Workflow.

Go to Tcode OBWA. Create a new variant.

Preliminary Posting Workflow

New Entries: Details of Added Entries

Go to tcode OBWJ to assign your variant to your own company code.

Workflow Variant

Work flow configuration is now complete. We have created a new variant and registered it to our company code. Our workflow is now ready for testing.


Go to Tcode FV60

Enter Vendor Invoice

Enter the relevant data and press the Park Button. The document will be parked.

Parked Document

When the USER presses the SAVE AS COMPLETED Button ,the work flow is triggered and he receives the mail.

Document Sent to Supervision

Finance Officer will receive the following work item

Workflow 667

He will have option to release or reject the document.

Release or Reject Document

On reject, the following send mail screen is opened for comments purpose.

An automatic notification is also sent to initiator that the document is rejected.

Create Document and Send

Document 25000000287 has been rejected

If the Finance Officer ,releases the Document ,the document is sent to Finance Manager who can either post it ,reject it or view it.

Finance Manager


This sums up our FI Document Parking workflow .We have seen the events to trigger the workflow,release it for payment, mail users ,use BO FIPP methods for posting and display and seen how to configure it.

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