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Reverse a Cleared Documents

Updated Mar 29, 2023

Reversing a cleared document is a process that allows you to undo a previously posted transaction, which was cleared through a payment or clearing document. This can happen for various reasons such as a billing error, incorrect payment, or any other accounting mistakes. Reversing a cleared document in SAP helps you to correct such errors and keep the financial records accurate and up to date.

Generally, reversing a cleared document in SAP is not recommended because it can create inconsistencies in the financial records and can lead to errors if not done correctly. When a document is cleared in SAP, it is considered a final transaction, and reversing it can cause issues with the accounting ledgers and result in incorrect balances.

However, in some cases, reversing a cleared document may be necessary to correct errors or resolve issues with the accounting records. In such cases, following the proper procedures and guidelines for reversing cleared documents in SAP is important to ensure that the financial records remain accurate and consistent.

Example Scenarios to Reverse Cleared Documents

There are various scenarios in which it may be necessary to reverse a cleared document in SAP. Here are a few examples:

i) Payment made to the wrong vendor: If payment was made to the wrong vendor and the document has been cleared, the payment document can be reversed and the payment can be made to the correct vendor.

ii) Incorrect posting: If a document has been posted with incorrect amounts or to the wrong accounts, it may need to be reversed and re-posted correctly.

iii) Returned goods: If a customer returns goods that were previously invoiced and paid for, the invoice and payment documents may need to be reversed to reflect the return.

iv) Duplicate payment: If a vendor mistakenly paid twice for the same invoice, the duplicate payment can be reversed to correct the mistake.

v) Canceled order: If an order is canceled and the associated invoice and payment documents have been cleared, the documents may need to be reversed to reflect the cancellation.

Note: It is important to follow proper procedures and guidelines for reversing cleared documents to ensure that the process is carried out correctly and that the financial records remain consistent and accurate.

How to Reverse Cleared Documents? 

Please follow the steps below to reverse cleared document:

Enter T-code FBRA in the SAP Command Field and execute it.


Or follow the following SAP IMG path:

Accounting > Financial Accounting > General/Ledger > Document--> Reset Cleared items

IMG Path

On the next screen, specify the following details:

  • Clearing Document Numbers for the Cleared Items
  • Company Code in which it was posted
  • Fiscal Year in which it was posted

Document number

Next click on the Reset cleared items icon to reset the Cleared Status of the Items

Reset cleared document

Now on the next dialog box, select  Resetting and reverse option the system will reverse the document.


On the next popup select Reversal Reason 01

Reversal Reason

Once you press the Enter button the clearing document will be reset and a reversal document will be posted.



  • 26 Nov 2010 3:43 pm Guest
    U can reset a cleared doc with T.code FBRA, but u have to enter cleared doc no. not a FI doc
  • 16 Jun 2016 12:28 am محمد الشيخ

    what the deferent between tcode fbra-fb80