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AS11 - Create Asset Sub-Number

Updated May 18, 2018

AS11 - Create Asset Sub-Number


The term "asset" is used for simple assets, as well as for complex large-scale assets that consist of a number of component assets. The data structure of the system, with a 12 character alpha-numeric main asset number and a 4 character sub-number, allows both. The main asset number represents the asset as a whole. Parts of assets can be represented by different sub-numbers.

Every master record is automatically created with at least one sub-number, even if no sub-assets exist. The system marks the first master record as an asset main number master record. When you use internal sub-number assignment, this main number has sub-number "0000". You can create additional sub-numbers for this main number master record. The system manages values for each sub-number for every individual depreciation area in year segments. The individual transactions are posted directly to the sub-numbers as line items.


This system task is used to create an asset sub-number.


Asset master.

Menu Path

Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Fixed Assets ® Asset ® Create ® Sub-Number ® AS11 - Asset 

Transaction Code



1. Double Click on AS11 - Asset 

Create Sub-Number:  Initial screen


Note: Notice the system automatically assigns the first sub-number.

2.       Click Master data Button  .

Create Asset:  Master data 


3.       Update the following fields:

Field Name

Field Description



Enter a name for the asset in this field.

Example:  Milling Machine Table


Enter a name for the asset in this field.

Example:  Milling Machine Table

4.       Click the Enter  button to validate the entries.

5.       Click <stab button> Time-dependent  .

Create Asset:  Master data


Note: All of the master data from the parent asset master record are adopted to the sub-asset master record.

6.       Click <stab button> Allocations  .

Create Asset:  Master data


Note: Once all relevant data has been maintained, the sub-asset can be saved.

7.       Click the Save   button.

Create Sub-Number:  Initial screen


Note: Notice the new asset sub-number has a one at the end. 3000007  1