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Reverse the MIRO document with transaction MR8M

Updated May 18, 2018

How to reverse the MIRO document with transaction MR8M? 

Reversal Operation (MR8M transaction): For the process of reversal , the system always looks out for the source document. The main exception is for the reversal of credit memos (cancelling of outgoing nota fiscal process regarding MM perspective) and complementary scenarios. In these scenarios, the system considers the data from the incoming nota fiscal referenced by the credit memo or subsequent document, as listed below in a practical example:

  • User has entered an incoming nota fiscal A;
  • User has decided to return the goods from Nota Fiscal A. Therefore, user has created the credit memo B referencing the nota fiscal A;
  • One of the following situations may be correct: 
    • Due to an error, user has reversed the Credit Memo B. 
    • The user has received a subsequent document and an incoming posting is required.
  • For both scenarios, the system considers the NBM code (NCM), material origin, material usage, produced in-house, and origin date values from nota fiscal A.

Note: For other cancellation scenarios (normal invoice), the system behavior keeps looking for the source document reference itself.

Once the tax communication structures were filled in with information from the source documents, the exceptions determination procedures for tax calculation will also achieve considering this data.

Generally, SAP suggests the user to install a solution by applying a Support Package. However, if the user needs to install a solution earlier, he should then use the Note Assistant for implementing the correction instruction.