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Configuration of Accounts Receivable

Updated Jun 28, 2019

Configuration of Accounts Receivable

Step I: Create Customer Accounts Group- (T-code-OBD2)

Click on new entries

And Save

Step II: Create no. range for Customer- (T-code-XDN1)

Step III: Assign no. range to Customer Group-(T-code-OBAR)

Put no. range against your customer group

Step-IV: Create Customer Reconciliation Accounts-(T-code-FS00)


Click on control data
Select "Customers" in Recon. Account for acct type
And select 031(Customer number) as short key

Step-V: Create Tolerance Group for Customer - (T-code-OBA3) *********

Click on New Entries

New Entries: Details of Added Entries

Step-VI: Create Customer Master Records - (T-code-FD01) or
To create complete customer master records - (T-code-XD01) *******