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Asset revaluation issue - revaluation of current year depreciation

Hi All,

We are setting up the system to do asset revaluation for our company code in South America. My client wants to

revalue the assets from Jul'09 to Dec'09.

1) We have maintained inflation indexes for the last day of each period in the year 2009.

2) Maintained Posting Variants and Time Base and Exposure variant accordingly for all the periods and year as 9999.

3) Assigned the appropriate Time base and exposure variant in the period control method.

4) Maintained the Revaluation Areas:

a) Area 01 - Book
b) Area 02 - Inflation Adj (Revaluation Area)
c) Area 03 - Derived (Area 01+Area02)
d) Area 22 - Infla Adj in Group Currency

5) Maintained the Revaluation key and assigned it to the relevant Asset classes by Depreciation Area (02 and 22)

6) Maintained the transaction types as below:
897 - Revaluation (downward) current year
892 - Revaluation (upward) current year
891 - Revaluation (downward) prior year
893 - Revaluation (upward) prior year

7) Maintained the Inflation Method and last revaluation date on Inflation method as 01.07.2009.

8) We have also activated the Revaluation after useful life.

With this setup in the system I took a test asset which had depreciation postings for the period 08 and 09. When I

ran the J1AI - Revaluation (Inflation) Program in the test run mode the outcome was that the APC value of the asset

was being revalued and Revaluation of Prior year Depreciation but not the Revaluation of current year

Depreciation. Can anyone tell me why current year Depreciation is not being revalued.

Am I doing something wrong process-wise or configuration- wise?

Please help me in resolving this issue.