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What is BDC (Batch Data Communication) in SAP?

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello SAP Experts,

I came across a query that what is BDC (Batch Data Communication) in SAP and how can it be done for posting bulk entries? If anyone from you guys is familiar with it then please try to solve my query and tell me with explanation.

Thanks in Advance!


  • 20 Aug 2015 2:27 pm Nitesh Singh

    Data Communication or BDC is a batch interfacing technique that SAP developed. It is mainly used for uploading data into the SAP R/3 system. BDC works by simulating the user input from transactional screen via an ABAP program.

    Introduction to Batch input
    Batch input is mostly applied to transfer data from non-R/3 systems to R/3 systems or to transfer data between R/3 systems.

    It is a data transfer technique that make you able to transfer datasets automatically to screens related to transactions and to a SAP system. Batch input is managed by a batch input session.

    Batch Input Session

    Groups a series of transaction calls together with input data and user actions. A batch input session can be used to execute a dialog transaction in batch input, where some or all the screens are processed by the session. Batch input sessions are stored in the database as database tables and can be used within a program as internal tables when accessing transactions.

    Points to note

    BDI works by carrying out normal SAP transactions just as a user would but it execute the transaction automatically.All the screen validations and business logic validation will be done while using Batch Data Input.
    It is suitable for entering large amount of data.
    No manual interaction is required
    Methods of Batch Input
    SAP provide two basic methods for transferring legacy data in to the R/3 System.

    Classical Batch Input method.
    Call Transaction Method.
    Classical Batch Input method

    In this method an ABAP/4 program reads the external data to the SAP System and stores in a batch input session.

    After creating the session, you can run the session to execute the SAP transaction in it.

    This method uses the function modules BDC_ OPEN, BDC_INSERT and BDC_CLOSE

    Batch Input Session can be process in 3 ways

    In the foreground
    In the background
    During processing, with error display.
    You should process batch input sessions in the foreground or using the error display if you want to test the data transfer.

    If you want to execute the data transfer or test its performance, you should process the sessions in the background.

    Points to note about Classical Batch Input method

    Asynchronous processing
    Transfer data for multiple transactions.
    Synchronous database update.
    A batch input process log is generated for each session.
    Session cannot be generated in parallel.
    Call Transaction Method.

    In this method ABAP/4 program uses CALL TRANSACTION USING statement to run an SAP transaction.

    Entire batch input process takes place online in the program


    Points to Note:

    Faster processing of data
    Synchronous processing
    Transfer data for a single transaction.
    No batch input processing log is generated