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Budget Availability Control Interview Questions & Answers

Updated May 18, 2018

Budget Availability Control FAQ's

Q.1 There is no budget check in service entry and goods receipt,Why?

Ans.1 Due to standard designing no availability control action is triggered while posting the goods receipt or make a service entry sheet. But the availability check can be carried out by the user exit in SAP 696362.

Q.2 Why is there the difference between assigned value of budget transactions KO23, CJ31 and report like S_ALR_87013558?

Ans.2 The difference is because of incorrect in availability control or due to the difference in calculation of the value assigned.

Q.3 Why sometimes the assigned value is not reduced after doing a settlement for projects?

Ans.3 The settlement done through credits to a non-budget controlled object, for example, the cost centre, fixed asset, G/L account, doesn't contribute to the assigned value.

Q.4 Why is budget check not there for WBS elements without the budget?

Ans.4 The availability control can be activated in the standard system for an order or a project only if the order or (at least) one WBS element of the project has already been budgeted. In order to budget check before budgeting, please see SAP 599813.

Q.5 Is it possible to maintain exempt cost elements in range in T-code: OPTK?

Ans.5 No it is not possible to maintain exempt cost elements in range in T-code: OPTK because ranges are not catered here and therefore it is necessary to enter each exempt cost element individually in T-code: OPTK.

Q.6 How can we check whether assigned value in budget transactions CJ31 or KO23 is consistent?

Ans.6 By executing the analysis report BPFCTRA1 for orders or BPFCTRA0 for projects we can determine whether the assigned value is consistent or not. After that enter the command =SUM into the command field in the result list and press Enter. If the values assigned for the availability control gets updated incorrectly, the system will show a message 00 208 “Inconsistent assigned values have been found”.

Q.7 What is the business transaction group mean in the tolerance limit of active availability control?

Ans.7 Check SAP 628978.

Q.8 Difference between table BPJA and BPEJ ?

Ans.8 Table BPEJ contains annual budget document line items whereas table BPJA contains annual budget totals records.

According to the principle, from the perspective of data consistency it is not very critical when table BPJA and BPEJ have a difference.The current budget is always displayed in all reports (except for the line item reports themselves). Also for availability control, the current budget is used.

The difference could be because of missing budget line items are written to table BPEJ.In order to check why budget line items are missing, please check if the ‘write budget line item’ is allowed in the status profile in WBS element master data in T-code: OK02. If ‘write budget line item’ is not allowed for certain user status, then it may due to this only the missing budget line items are written. Besides, there is a program error with function module KBPP_EXTERN_UPDATE_CO that caused budget line items missing if you use this function module to maintain budget values on projects.

Q.9 How can we delete budget or reset BUDG for orders or WBS elements?

Ans.9 For the solution of this question please check SAP 628978.

Q.10. What is Residual order plan and how is it calculated?

Ans.10 The residual order plan is a feature of the WBS element. Per sales order the following calculation is carried out:

  • Planning value of the order for planning purposes - actual value of the sales order - commitment value of the order = xxx.
  • If xxx is > 0, the order contributes with xxx to the residual order plan of the WBS element - otherwise it doesn't.
  • That is, the total of the xxx values (of the amounts > 0) results in the residual order plan value of the WBS element.

Q.11. Since budge report (for example S_ALR_87013558) does not take exempt cost elements into account, which means exempt cost element also contribute to assigned value in budget report, how to align the assigned value in budget report with T-code: CJ31?

Ans.11 The hierarchy reports are fixedly set form reports. Therefore, the customizing for the availability control can not be automatically included in the report. You need to create a separate value category for the exempt cost elements. In the form definition you can then select all other value categories (except for those which you do not want to take into account).

Q.12. Is it possible to activate/deactivate availability control on one specific WBS element?

Ans.12. No, this is not possible in standard as AVAC status should be set either on all or on none of the WBS elements in a project.