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Business Processes in GL & AP

Hi all fellow SAP users!

Being new to SAP and venturing into the world of FICO, I've come across terminilogy Business Processes.

Please could someone explain what this means and what are the Business processes in the General Ledger in Ap and AR?

Thank you kindly for your time



  • 05 Nov 2012 12:55 pm Sreekanth Gogula
    General Ledger is a vast subject it includes all top level accounting activities contact me with specifil question in it i will explain.
    Ap is a part of procurement search online for procurement cycle and ap cycle go through that and come up with questions where u r not clear.
    Same thing for ar also it is a part of order to cash or sales to cash search for o2c cycle or s2c cycle and come with questions Bye.
  • 05 Nov 2012 5:48 pm srinu
    the business process means what are the regular activities goin on your daily business that is called as business standard sap fico module ar/ap are the consider as a sub application component or sub ledger ap what kind of busines deelings have with your vendor or business partener suh kind of business activities determined by the account payable application component(purchase,payments,goods returns......etc).in acount receivable application component deals with customer business activities(a/cecivable dunning, dunning,payments,correspondency,sales,sales returns,payment terms........etc)