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Cancelled I/R by MIRO

Updated May 18, 2018

 Dear All,
 I have a problem when cancelling the MIRO document. Actually the PO  was issued on June08, and GR also posted on June8, accidentally the
 IR was posted on May08. Outgoing Payment to vendor was cancelled,  now we want to cancell the IR posting but the problem happened. We
 already open the FI period May and Jun08 for this adjusment. Still  the message says that the period not yet configured. For your info
 our Fiscal Year used is 2009 (01Feb08 to 31Jan09). And the PO is   never blocked, flagged to deletion, and the PO was released

 MM period of May08 was closed automatically.
 When cancelling the MIRO the T-code used is MR8M. Fiscal Year is  2009, Reversal Reason 01 and Posting Date is 05May08.
 Please advise


  • 17 Jul 2008 1:47 am rekha
    If you want to reverse IR document in period May that you should ensure financial result can be reopened or not closed due to the posting will affect the financial result of May, otherwise reverse
    IR document in current month.

    If you indeed want to reverse IR document in period May, you should open period May with MM and FI. For FI period, using the transaction code OB52. For MM period, you should reserve parameter ID MMPI_READ_NOTE with the current date in the user parameter the current date format is YYYYMMDD(parameter value).

    Then run transaction code MMPI. Period May will be reopen.
  • 17 Jul 2008 1:47 am rekha
    You are unable to reverse the MIRO as the MM period of May is closed. MIRO is a transaction code in MM module. You will have to open MM period of May if this is to be posted in May.

    You can reverse this document in the month of June by giving Reversal reason 2 & the date of reversal in June.

  • 04 May 2010 1:10 pm Guest
    How I can stop a user from posting in MIRO?
    I want to assign posting to designeted users only.